Monday, June 9, 2008

Simply Irresistable

The Vic are running a crazy promotion for the month of June whereby whatever the date is, that is the lucky number on roulette and for an hour between 3pm and 4pm and then between midnight and 1am they will pay 40-1 odds on that number.

Talk about positive expectation. So I played last night in their salon prive and got stuck £600. Wonderful. Maybe it was because I was multi-tabling two wheels with DY that the number 8 only hit once (8th june, you see).

Unlike certain blessed individuals - The Champ and JQ who had this proposition right off to the tune of £10k each or something sick like that - DY is an absolute bok and a cooler at the same time. We never had a chance.

Of course I'm joking and I don't really mind losing that money. It was a blinding bet giving us an edge of just under 10%. When else do you ever find that in a casino?

What was funny was a couple of other regular punters telling me how one of the wheels I was playing was really "terrible" and how one of the croupiers spins the ball "too violently". Also, one of the pit bosses saying stuff like, "It doesn't matter what the odds are, you still gotta hit it doncha?"


David Young said...

Perserverence pays off. After a terrible start, I'm now in front by over a grand. I highly recommend this offer. The edge is huge and it requires no mental effort whatsoever.

gambler said...

Expect DY and Ollie to barred befor the end of the end of the month :)

PokerGuy said...

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David Young said...

Well it's strange. JQ and I said to the manager who started this promotion that if he was in any way unhappy with us, he should let us know. He was at pains to assure us that we were free to do what we wanted. He's actually found it quite funny that I'm jogging around the room!

But what isn't going to be so funny for the house is the effect of this Russian who's now started betting a monkey a spin with what is effectively their own money. He's up at least £120k in three or four hours and that's got to hurt.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an inside job to me