Saturday, February 7, 2009

It Could Be Worse

Tom Gibson accused me of being a lazy bastard the other day, so I figure it must be time for another missive from the front line, aka the 5-10 PLO game at the Vic.

Hugh Buchanon is a fixture at the Vic card room these days, mostly doing his brai- er, playing, in the 5-10 PLO game. As anyone who has come across him knows, he is a well-spoken black gentleman who spends most of his time complaining about his bad luck.

Some of you may recall me writing about other whingers at the Vic, but, believe you me, Hughie-Buwee (as I once heard Panni call him) makes those other whiners look positively stoic. Without a doubt, we have a new world champion moaner in our midst.

So the PLO game is going and it's blinding and Hugh is super-steamed up, almost crying with frustration with how terrible his form is (I mean, the guy does play every hand and somehow ends up flopping monster wraps and flush draws every time which proceed to always miss - this poor sod is obviously cursed).

Now also seated in the game is a certain face who I don't know, which is unusual for me as I am pretty friendly with most Vic habituees. Nonetheless, all the other faces on the poker scene know him well.

Well a huge pot develops and as usual Hugh is on the losing end of it. After the cards are flung and a load of bellyaching from Hugh there is a bit of an awkward pause while the dealer gathers up the cards and shuffles for the next hand and everyone else wonders whether Hugh is going to pull up.

The silence is broken by the face saying, "It could be worse Hugh, you could have been born 60 years earlier - then you would have been a slave..."


Anonymous said...

Lol. That must be M. The other night I moved over from doing my money in the 5/10 NLH to try and spin up in the 5/10 PLO. Hugh was there and so was M. Declan was to my left. Hugh was winning. He actually had a stack. Then Freddy Deeb enters the room. Declan offers him his seat 'as a play over' Freddy sits down, waves a check, sits out a few hands and orders an 'American Whisky' explaining to the waitress, in great detail, how one achieves to make Scotch American. Freddy's chips arrive. The very first hand he plays, he raises and gets heads up with Hugh. They check the Ace high flop. The Q on the turn gives Hugh the nut str8 (a miracle gut-shot) and Freddy second set. The money goes in (Freddy has Hugh covered by at least 3-1). The Ace pairs on the river and Freddy Deeb shows the winning hand. Hugh slams his cards on the table and storms out, without saying a word. Freddy's' drink arrives. M shouts, "I hope you bloody choke on that!"


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Jon Shoreman said...

If you keep tapping on the aquarium don't be surprised when the fish swim away.

the chimney sweep said...

yeah, i wondered why you weren't playing at the vic anymore jon

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