Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, it's a New Year and I've just added up my figures for 2009. Did I get the absolute lot? Did I bollocks. I lost a little over 4 grand over the course of the year. Marvellous.

That is actually the first losing year I've had at poker since 1998. Man that really sucks. I hate losing! Oh well, what diff, eh? As long as you're still in action you always have a chance to get out of it.

I told the missus about my lacklustre results and her response was, "You're a really good technical player, but you lack oomph". Hmmm, thanks darling. Considering what she knows about poker could be written on the back of a stamp from Lilliput, it's probably a frighteningly accurate comment.

I went to the Vic on New Year's Day and another player I respect told me he too had had a losing 2009, so I immediately felt better. Pathetic eh? Just knowing that a fellow reg/nit/rock was also in the red for 2009 somehow legitimised in my mind that poker is tougher and that even good players don't necessarily win.

I then proceeded to sit for hours in a very slow 2-5 game waiting for my name to be called for the blinding 5-10 game that was going on the next table. At around 2.30 in the morning knowing that it was now too late for me to get involved in the bigger and better game, I checked the board to see that I was no longer on the list.

"Andy", I said, "My name is no longer on the 5-10 list, but you never called me for that game, why not?"

Andy gave the board a glance.

Kev piped up, "His name was on that list"

"Oh sorry, we made a mistake"

My form!!

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